Friday, 9 June 2017

Term 2, week 6.

We had a great time setting up some train tracks and playing with all of the our class train toys.

We have been playing different Bingo games, today it's the alphabet game.

On Wednesday we were all very excited to take the school van to the car wash.

Here we go!

James loved the big brushes.

So does Talia.

Lachlan is waiting for the brushes to wash the window next to him.

Braden is really enjoying the experience.

Connor has a great view from the front seat.

Nico is wondering what is going to happen next.

Look at our very clean van!

We really enjoyed cooking this week, we made pizza!
First we chopped up the toppings.

We grated the cheese.

We put on the bases a mixture of cheese, ham, mushroom and tomato.

Our favourite part of cooking...eating what we've made.

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