Friday, 26 May 2017

Term 2, week 4. Our trip to Ferrymead.

We went on a bus to Ferrymead.
First we went on a train.

All aboard!

James and Lachlan are very excited to be on the train.

    So are Connor and Braden.


Nico and Janet love it when the train goes 'toot toot'!

Maree and Talia are looking very happy.

The conductor.

The station.

The driver.

"Are we there yet?" says Braden and Connor.

We looked at some different types of transport from a long time ago.

We tried driving trains and flying planes.

Talia is waiting patiently for the tram.

Here it comes!

We all managed to squeeze on.

We had a look at some planes before going on the trolley bus.

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