Thursday, 18 May 2017

Term 2. Week 3.Boats, boats and banana float boats.

Look at our school values display board!

Here we are making boats, decorating and sticking the sail on.

We made boats from different materials.

James is decorating his sail.

Nice colouring Lachlan.

Talia;s sail is going to be blue.

We tested our boats to see if they would float.
Lachlan's boat did!

So did Nico's.

Braden is watching his.

In painting we chose which kind of transport we would like to paint.

Here is Braden decorating a star for our Matariki display.

This may be our favourite boat activity, banana float boats!

Talia is very happy!

Connor is excited!

Nico is wondering if he can start eating now?

Yum! Ice-cream and wafer.

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