Friday, 5 May 2017

Term 2 Week 1 We're Back!

This term our topic is Transport so we will be learning about different types of transport and experiencing a few of them too (not rockets and hot air balloons though!)

Here we are making rockets, Janet showed us what to do and then we did our best to work independently.

Nico loved adding lots of stars.

Connor is really concentrating.

James is working independently.

We are all very busy.

Talia is focused on her glueing.

Sometimes when we've been working really hard, we just need an afternoon of pampering. Foot spas, hand and foot massages help us feel very relaxed.

We made stripey hot air balloons.

Lachlan, Connor and Talia (and Janet) enjoying some messy play.

After making some kit set airplanes and some handkerchief parachutes, we went outside to fly them.

Nico helped Maree put the planes together with their wings on the right way round!

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