Friday, 24 March 2017

Week 8.

After we enjoyed drawing around ourselves with chalk inside earlier this term, we decided it would be fun to do it outside too.

James and Connor are having fun playing with water.

So are Lachlan and Talia...

and Nico is playing with ducks.

Wow James! You are concentrating on improving your scissor skills.

For our outing this week we went to Lyttelton. We drove through the tunnel, it was a bit dark and then we saw lots of things at the harbour.

This week in Art we used materials and wool to create pictures of ourselves. We loved choosing our favourite material to make clothes for ourselves and wool for our hair.

Uh oh Talia! The wool is meant to go on the picture!

Here we are having fun making things with furry pipe cleaners.

While James and Nico were at music, Lachlan, Talia and Connor spent the afternoon at the Room 2 spa. Here they are enjoying foot spas, then they had their hands and feet massaged while listening to relaxing music.

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