Friday, 17 March 2017

Week 7.

This week we made orange scented magic sand. We had lots of fun making it and even more playing with it.


Connor is watching the story 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear what can you see?' Connor did a great job of anticipating the next animal and finding it on his Ipad.

Nico is showing Janet how well he can count, great job Nico!

We all took turns while practicing our listening skills to identify which animal was making the noise. Then we make the sentence "I hear a ...". The goat was a bit tricky, it sounds just like a sheep!

As a special treat on Wednesday we went in the van to McDonalds. After yummy hot chips we had a great time in the play area (Nico was feeling camera shy).

Here Nico, Braden, Lachlan and Connor are working on their fine motor skills. They are enjoying threading, cutting and making shapes with playdough.

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